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PostHeaderIcon Fried Rice with Bacon – Mov Kib

Fried rice

Mov Kib (Fried Rice with Bacon)



Fried rice with bacon is a bit more of a modern asian recipe yet tastes just as good. when you don’t have Chinese sausage, try it with bacon strips!

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PostHeaderIcon Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage – Mov Kib

fried rice

Mov Kib (Fried Rice with Chinese Sausage)



Fried Rice with Chinese sausage is a classic dish. Many Hmong people including myself love to add chili garlic sauce to the recipe for a more spicy garlic flavor. I preferably use sriracha hot sauce. adding this certain hot sauce takes fried rice to another whole level trust me on this!

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PostHeaderIcon Vietnamese sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich
Preparation&Cooking: 15 minutes and overnight marinating


Hmong people love Vietnamese sandwiches, so don’t be surprised if you ever see a hmong person ordering 10 sandwiches at once because they’re most likely buying it for the whole family! :) My favorite is grilled bbq pork sandwich. It’s actually a very simple sandwich to make that anyone could enjoy. Instead of buying a sandwich for three bucks each, save some money by learning how to make delicious grilled bbq pork sandwich at home for the whole family.

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PostHeaderIcon Chicken Poppers with Basil leaves – Nqaij Qaib Kib

chicken poppers

Chicken poppers



No doubt Chicken tastes great with basil leaves. You may have tried chicken poppers before from certain asian restaurants. Now you can learn how to make it at home!

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PostHeaderIcon Vermicelli Noodle Soup – Khob Poob

Khob Poob Hmong Noodle Soup
Preparing: 1 Hour Cooking: 20 minutes

Preparing: 1 Hour Cooking: 20 minutes

Makes 10 servings

This is a Hmong family version of the Thai & Lao delicious curry soup however, made with its own curry, without  the spicyness and without the coconut cream. It is essentially a different dish yet very hearty, a lot less fattening, and ofcourse  delicious. I love cooking this version of Khob Poob, as it always reminds me of my mother’s cooking on those cold winter days! The aromatic and the steamy pot of Khob Poob will surely warm you up as well.

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PostHeaderIcon Fresh Tofu Springrolls

There was a point in my life where I was seriously making spring rolls every other day. Spring Rolls is a Vietnamese appetizer that became an instant hit for the Hmong American community. It’s fairly healthy because  in each roll it’s packed with fresh vegetables and lettuce! However It all depends on  the individual on what they like to put into the spring roll. In my family we like a lot less noodles, a lot more Hmong cucumbers, lettuce and fresh mint. It’s so simple yet so tasty. Fried Tofu brings a great crunch into each springroll so definitely give it a try. And it only gets better when you make the dipping sauce for it!

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