Welcome to Hmong Food home cooking website where you will learn the basics of Hmong cooking as well as other Asian recipes, few of them being own creations.
We all know asian food when we see it, but what's Hmong food?
Some of what we know as Hmong Food in America today are recreations of popular asian dishes that the Hmong people have learned to cook by living amongst the Lao and Thai people. bitcoin options trading india They are rich in flavors and pleasing to our taste buds such as curry, Pho beef noodle soup, papaya salad and three color drink (aka Nab Vam).
You will also be guided into learning actual traditional Hmong food that is made with simple flavors which reflects Hmong people lifestyle as agriculturalists.
This is the first cooking website that will share many of these traditional and modern Hmong and Asian recipes that you would particularly find on a Hmong American family dinner table.

Mushroom Pepper Dipping – Kua Txob Nceb

Mushroom Pepper Dipping Kua Txob Nceb

Mushroom Pepper Dipping - Kua Txob Nceb



This is a traditional hmong pepper dipping sauce made with mushroom. This dipping is particularly good with ovened, grilled or bbq meat. iq forex broker Or as a vegetarian you can also eat this by itself with some steamed white rice it tastes great! You can either oven or broil mushroom in a pot to make this dipping but this recipe will ask you to boil.

Preparation: 5 min. Cooking: 15

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Chicken Pho Noodle Soup – Fawm Hmoob

Fawm Hmoob (Mom's Chicken Pho Noodle Soup)

Fawm Hmoob (Mom's Chicken Pho Noodle Soup)


One time when my mom prepared this dish for a big group of Hmong friends and relatives, they all raved how it reminded them of when they used to eat pho all the time at the street markets back in Laos. This is my favorite Pho noodle soup. the peanut butter addition to a pho bowl is what makes this pho noodle soup especially tasty and unique.

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Korean Barbecue Spare ribs


Korean Barbecue ribs



Who doesn’t like Korean Barbecue? Every time I visit the asian ghetto (asian food plaza) in Berkeley, I would always get the Korean Barbecue spare ribs. crypto options trading india Now I can make it at home, and so can you! Two words: Yum-My! ;-)

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