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PostHeaderIcon Vietnamese sandwich

Vietnamese sandwich
Preparation&Cooking: 15 minutes and overnight marinating


Hmong people love Vietnamese sandwiches, so don’t be surprised if you ever see a hmong person ordering 10 sandwiches at once because they’re most likely buying it for the whole family! :) My favorite is grilled bbq pork sandwich. It’s actually a very simple sandwich to make that anyone could enjoy. Instead of buying a sandwich for three bucks each, save some money by learning how to make delicious grilled bbq pork sandwich at home for the whole family.

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PostHeaderIcon Chicken Poppers with Basil leaves – Nqaij Qaib Kib

chicken poppers

Chicken poppers



No doubt Chicken tastes great with basil leaves. You may have tried chicken poppers before from certain asian restaurants. Now you can learn how to make it at home!

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PostHeaderIcon Chicken & Shredded Cabbage stir fry – Nqaij Qaib Xyaw Zaub Pob

Nqaij Qaib Saw Zaub Pob



This stir fry is very quick and good. If you’re in a rush to make dinner, this common Hmong stir fry couldn’t get any easier! Make sure to serve with white steamed rice.

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PostHeaderIcon Hmong Sauteed Chicken

Hmong Sauteed Chicken
Preparation: 5 Minutes. Cooking: ~30 minutes



Growing up my parents made this dish often for the family and no one cooks it better than they do. Here is a simpler version of sautéed chicken recipe for you and your family to enjoy Make sure to serve with some white steamed rice.

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PostHeaderIcon Deep Fried Catfish mixed in Tamarind Curry Sauce

Deef Fried Catfish

Preparation: 5 minutes. Cooking: ~15 minutes


Hmong love fish and tamarind as much as Thai do it’s no wonder Hmong people adore many Thai fish cuisine. This dish is a variation of Thai fried fish soaked in tomato tamarind sauce. My dad loves catfish, so I decided to fry catfish nuggets instead of a big fish. it’s cheaper and a lot more convenient to eat without without having to pick out fish bones.

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PostHeaderIcon Jajangmyun – Jajangmyeon – Chinese, Korean dish

JaJang Myun

JaJang Myun


This is my take on jajangmyun, in which i modified the recipe just a bit to fit our family’s taste. JaJangmyun is a very popular korean black bean noodle dish that has been showcased many times in Korean drama movies. It’s actually a very simple dish if you can find the right black bean paste (not black bean garlic sauce!) which are usually sold only at korean markets. they should only contain: wheat flour, soybean and maybe msg and preservatives. At other asian stores if it says black bean, and is a korean brand then you got the right stuff!

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