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Can you write an easy recipe on how to steam white rice?
May. 22, 2012 by Kia

How is Hmong food different from other Asian food?
Mar. 23, 2011
There are Traditional hmong food simple in flavors reflecting hmong simple agriculturalist lifestyle. To many others, hmong are seen as some of the best agriculturalists and so many traditional hmong food often have meat with a variety of vegetables. Within the past century or so the Hmong people living in Indochina have also learned many southeast asian dishes by living amonst the Thai and Lao people. No one necessarily teaches the Hmong how to cook these food, so they recreated these shared food through taste and trials. There are many shared southeast asian dishes, and everyone makes it differently. Something we know as Hmong food, might very well also be Lao food, Thai Food, Vietnamese food, a Singaporean food, Chinese food, and so on.

How to learn to cook Hmong food?
Mar. 23, 2011
Usually young Hmong girls start cooking with their moms since early age, around six years old. I started off by watching my mom and listening to her as she taught us how to cook and within the next several years I came to learn the basics of cooking. My mom wanted my sisters and I to learn cooking at an early age just like her mother taught her. To her, it has taught her discipline and has taught her to become a supporting wife and mother. This is what she wishes us to become as well which is why she was determined to continue the tradition.

I got burned by hot oil while cooking. What to do?
Apr. 17, 2010
Always keep the oil bottle and salt near you while cooking. When you got burned by hot oil or even by flame or heated handle of a metal pot, go quickly and pour cold oil over it, or cover the burn with salt. Never pour cold water, it will only make you worst.

I love Hmong food, but am sensitive to gluten. Are there gluten free Hmong foods?
Dec. 10, 2011 by Peggy Hatley, North Carolina

I want to add more savor to my soups. How do i do that?
Apr. 17, 2010
To add more savour you need to use your imagination and experience with herbs. One extra trick would be to add beer in your soup. Quantity depends on the chef 😛 for me i add somehting around half a liter of beer for 5 liters of soup.

I want to learn how to make Hmong coconut jello but don't know how to and would like to learn how to. Do you happen to know the receipe?
Feb. 15, 2011
I've not made a recipe w/directions for this yet but the ingredients does include hot water, sugar, egg, and unflavored gelatin and coconut milk. Stay tune as I will offer this recipe soon.

I want to make the meat for Pho taste better and not so plain. What should I at least add?
Oct. 15, 2010 by Molly Lee, Minneapolis, minnesota
Often you add more seasonings, garlic and onion to your broth while you cook the meat. You should also use a more succulent meat portion. The fat on the meat always gives more flavors to the meat.
Second option would be to marinate meat with your seasonings overnight and then oven broil them, cut them into thin slices and prepare them as an extra condiment on the side along with the cilantro, lime, green onions, etc. Most people don't think of doing this second option but you just might be surprised how tasty and enjoyable it could be for you.

I want to see if anyone has the recipe for a certain type of dessert. I'm not sure if I'm going to spell it right but I think its called 'Ncyuav Sawv'. It is spongy looking and you can dye it different colors, pink, green or leave it plain white. If anyone does please let me know. That would be greatly appreciated.
May. 16, 2011
You must be speaking of Vietnamese rice cakes called Banh Bo. There are recipes you can find by doing a quick online search for "banh bo".

Is there a significant ingredient that Hmong always use when cooking?
Mar. 23, 2011
There is no specific ingredient that Hmong would always use for every recipe other than, depending on cook, a certain amount of salt and msg for flavor.

On the recipe for fried bananas Txiv Tsawb Kib it states to use the whole package of flour. I can not locate this Krupia brand, but how much flour and what type of flour is needed?
Apr. 13, 2013

What dessert is most popular among Hmong?
Mar. 23, 2011
Tapioca fruit dessert (Nava) is a shared dish amongst southeast asia. Every southeast asian group makes it differently as well. The Hmong people have been playful with tapioca dessert (nab vam) that they have recreated the dish over and over again making it their own. Hmong people have become very playful with the colors, the shapes, and some may even add fruits and other jellies into the dessert to make it even more appetizing and fun to eat.

What do Hmong people serve when having party or guests?
Mar. 23, 2011
When there are guests, Hmong always feel obligated to make at least a 3 course meal. This could be having hmong sausage, broiled chicken soup, pork and mustard greens soup with a big platter of steamed white rice. The bigger the group, the bigger the course meal. Not only that, but hmong people always have to make sure to double the amount they actually need. It’s almost tradition to make sure the guests leave the gathering/party with a bag of extra food to take with them when they leave.
During certain big ritual parties where animals are sacrificed, there might be eggrolls, and braised meat made from the animals sacrificed. Laab salad and sweet braise pork can also be made at big ritual gatherings like funerals, new year gatherings and ritual ua neeb gatherings.

What Hmong food is most common to Hmong people?
Mar. 23, 2011
In my opinion, the most common hmong food would probably be pork belly and green mustard soup (nqaij npua xyaw zaub ntsuab) and/or broiled chicken (nqaij qaib hau). It is commonly made because it only requires a few ingredients and is quick to cook.

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