Hmong food

Welcome to the very first Hmong food website, where you will learn the basics of Hmong cooking as well as other Asian cuisines.

On this website, I will share many of these traditional and shared Southeast Asian recipes that you would particularly find on a Hmong American family dinner table.


3 thoughts on “Hmong food

  1. So when I was a little girl I used to live around a lot of Hmong families that we became friends with they taught my mom a dish that we loved and it was a simple dish we just don’t know what the name of it was. Here are the ingredients : Ground Pork Butt, Rice noodles, cilantro, green onions, and oyster sauce do you know the name of this dish and the correct rice noodles or what they look like, we want to make this dish again, it brings such wonderful memories of these families with us.

  2. sounds like it could be a dry dish (not a soup, correct)?
    if it is cooked on a wok, then it is most likely cellophane/glass noodles. first brown the meat, add the glass noodles, add oyster sauce, salt, black pepper, then once all ready, toss in the cilantro and green onions.

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