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My name is Kathy Vue and Cooking is one of my greatest hobbies. I am a full time student as well as a teaching assistant at a local elementary school in Sacramento. When I do have some time to spare, cooking is always one of the first things to do on my list. When I started this website earlier this year, it started out more so like a personal journal of many recipes. As the year progressed and as I continued to add more traditional hmong recipes, I had to cook carefully and more consciously. With some help from my mother along the way, I’ve truly realized how important it is to learn and preserve the traditional way of Hmong home cooking. It’s just not the cooking, but it’s the mother-daughter interaction that is so important as it represents when one generation carefully passes down a history of knowledge to the new generation through our ways of cooking. Just like the language and the culture, cooking is essential to the Hmong identity as the way we eat reflects the humble lives of our people.

The Hmong people cook base on their taste palette thus they tend to gradually add different spices and seasonings along the way when they are cooking and so translating/transcribing such home cooking style to the American way of cooking with measuring equipments does take a lot of time and effort to do. With that said, it only means that I won’t always be able to update with new recipes every day but please leave any feedback and suggestions on the recipes that you do see here and I hope you stay tune for future recipes.

Many thanks to Florin who made this website happen and who has helped me maintain this website when I cannot. Thank you.

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  • Kialia vang says:

    wow i think your a great cooker =) all the food looks good. thank god i found you website, cause i wouldnt know what to do for my potluck at school. i mean i know how to cook and all that stuff, i just didnt know what the foods were called. thanks =)

  • Maria Xiong says:

    Hi Kathy:

    I just wanted to say thank you so very much for this wonderful website. I have to agree food is indeed essential to our Hmoob identity. I’ll be sure to share your website and will definately be coming back to check out what you have here!!

    Thank you again!

  • Yeng says:

    Hi Kathy,
    I”m impress. Your site is easily navigate and have many recipes. Keep up the good work and continue to post new recipe. I look forward to trying them out.

    Yeng from st.paul.

  • Hmong says:

    Hello yeng, thank you very much. many thanks to Florin as he continues to modify the website for our viewers’ convenience.

  • MAY YANG says:

    Hi Kathy,

    I’ve been on this website many times and read your bio, but finally realized OMG!!!, is this the Kathy who attended Berkeley… If this is… great job on your website and recipes. I love cooking too and enjoy coming to your website for ideas and looking at yummy food photos. Have you read Cooking From The Heart? I borrowed the book from the library, but was a little bit disappointed; I wished there was more images of the yummy food.

    Keep up the great work! Love the website!

    Go Bears!

  • Hmong says:

    May, I am so glad to hear from you.
    I have read Cooking From the Heart. A book with pictures is way costly. With southeast asian food (hmong included), there’s a definite need for picture guidance. Hopefully once I have an extra person to help me, I will do just this, and also do cooking videos online.

  • Linda says:

    This is a great website! Its probably the most sufficient of all hmong recipe websites Ive seen! Absolutely great job! keep it up:)

    ps. i might recommend havine a “new recipes” section, because I cant tell if you’ve updated with new recipes or not when I come here :)

  • Hmong says:

    Hello Linda! Thank you so much for your appreciation and suggestion. In future as we grow we will have different formats for the website. For now you can find latest recipes on the right second sidebar under “Recent posts” tab, or you can use the rss feed (you can find it on the bottom of the page) which can be added to any rss reader or directly subscribe to it from your browser (ie: if you use Mozilla – i recommend that – click the rss link of the entries and in the new page that opens youll see a button “Subscribe now”.)
    Thanks again and do leave feedback on any recipes you try from our website.

  • Sarah S says:

    Hi there everyone, First time poster and looking forward to being a part of the conversation!

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