PostHeaderIcon Hmong pepper dipping sauce – Kua Txob Ntsw Nqaij

Hmong pepper dipping sauce - kua txob ntsw nqaij

Hmong pepper dipping sauce - kua txob ntsw nqaij




This Hmong pepper dipping sauce is perfect for serving with any grilled, bbq and ovened meat. Its also perfect for eggrolls, steamed rice rolls and cabbage rolls (these recipes can be found on this website). The oil and vinegar in this recipe it meant to help reduce chilli peppers’ heat.

10 birdseye chilli peppers (red and green)
1 tsp of oil
Pinch of salt
1 tb fish sauce
1 Β½ tb of water
A drop of vinegar (~1/4 tsp)
Optional: pinch of msg

Chop peppers. Transfer over to mortar. Add salt and pound for a minute or until the peppers have been mashed well. Next add the remaining ingredient and mix either with the pestle or with a spoon. Transfer over to a small bowl to serve with meat and rice.

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