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I got burned by hot oil while cooking. What to do?
Apr. 17, 2010
Always keep the oil bottle and salt near you while cooking. When you got burned by hot oil or even by flame or heated handle of a metal pot, go quickly and pour cold oil over it, or cover the burn with salt. Never pour cold water, it will only make you worst.

I want to add more savor to my soups. How do i do that?
Apr. 17, 2010
To add more savour you need to use your imagination and experience with herbs. One extra trick would be to add beer in your soup. Quantity depends on the chef :P for me i add somehting around half a liter of beer for 5 liters of soup.

I want to make the meat for Pho taste better and not so plain. What should I at least add?
Oct. 15, 2010 by Molly Lee, Minneapolis, minnesota
Often you add more seasonings, garlic and onion to your broth while you cook the meat. You should also use a more succulent meat portion. The fat on the meat always gives more flavors to the meat.
Second option would be to marinate meat with your seasonings overnight and then oven broil them, cut them into thin slices and prepare them as an extra condiment on the side along with the cilantro, lime, green onions, etc. Most people don't think of doing this second option but you just might be surprised how tasty and enjoyable it could be for you.

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