Fresh Tofu Springrolls

There was a point in my life where I was seriously making spring rolls every other day. Spring Rolls is a Vietnamese appetizer that became an instant hit for the Hmong American community. It’s fairly healthy because  in each roll it’s packed with fresh vegetables and lettuce! However It all depends on  the individual on…

Won Ton Soup

    Wonton Soup is a beautifully crafted Chinese soup for the soul. Hmong people like to make won ton soup with green mustards instead of bok choy. The best wonton soup I ever had was made by my second older sister Christina. What made her wonton soup special is the enoki mushrooms.

Papaya Salad – Qaub

Papaya salad is a favorite shared asian dish of southeast asia. It has Lao and Thai roots but everyone makes it a bit different from one another. Hmong people make their papaya most similar to Lao and Thai people. You could even say Hmong papaya fuse a little of both Lao and Thai style together…

Hmong Sauteed Chicken

Preparation: 5 Minutes. Cooking: ~30 minutes     Growing up my parents made this dish often for the family and no one cooks it better than they do. Here is a simpler version of sautéed chicken recipe for you and your family to enjoy Make sure to serve with some white steamed rice.

Cabbage Rolls – Zaub Pob Qhwv

  This is a traditional Hmong dish. My dad tells me that the Hmong in Asia often grew cabbages but I’ve been introduced to this dish only recently and it’s probably because my mom never enjoyed the smell of steamed cabbage so never bothered to make it. The first time I actually had cabbage rolls…