Fried Bananas – Txiv Tsawb Kib

Fried bananas
Fried bananas



At Hmong new years you’ll always find many vendors selling fried bananas. I only like to eat them in the summer with a side scoop of coconut or vanilla ice cream. Altogether the warm crunchy and tender taste of the fried bananas with the cold refreshing ice cream melting in your mouth is an orgasmic satisfaction.

Ingredients for 24-28 banana pieces

  • Fruit & Vegetable Flour mix (Krupia brand) (Picture below)
  • 6-7 almost ripe bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 1 coconut milk can
  • 4 TB  sugar
  • sesame seeds (optional)
  • confectioner’s sugar
  • oil for deep frying

1. Peel, slice bananas in half vertically, then slice horizontally in the sizes desired. (1 banana= 4 slices)

2. Heat wok of oil on high medium heat (never too high Temp) then go make the batter.

For the flour mix batter:

3. Use the whole package, add 1 egg, 1 whole coconut can and sugar. mix well.

4. Dip some banana slices in batter then put in hot wok of oil. first batch may take 5-8 minutes. turn sides when golden brown.

5.Take them out, place on top of paper towel for draining. sprinkle
confectioner’s sugar on top of fried bananas

OPTIONAL: vanilla or coconut ice cream

9 thoughts on “Fried Bananas – Txiv Tsawb Kib

  1. Thanks for posting this recipe.I been trying to make this for along time but can’t get it to be like those that I bought at the hmong market. I can’t wait to try this for.

  2. There is a version of fried banana in the Philippines, called “Maruya” (ma-rooh-ya) using their Saba banana type, coated with flour and little salt prior to deep-frying.

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